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E-Live: Eros Celebrates Wellness Month

Eros celebrated Wellness Month in February (love your body we say) through multiple sessions on yoga and health seminars.

E-Live collaborated with ‘Gems of Yoga’ & ‘Rhythm Yoga’ for the yoga sessions and invited in-house health guru, Paras Shah to share some health tips.

The Yoga sessions were eye openers to many as it focused on the benefits of yoga to people of varying fitness levels and state of health. The instructors introduced different types of ‘asanas’ to suit the life of a working professional and ‘pranayams’ (yogic breathing techniques) to control the vital energies of the body. The end result was a strong belief within many that yoga is important in dealing with the stress and work pressure that many of us face these days.

A Health Talk with Paras Shah aptly titled “Fitness & YOU” was held at the end of the month. In this informal session Paras shared how fitness can result in a happier and healthier life. Going to the gym could be one of the best investments one can make for themselves for a better life. After the talk there was an open Q&A session which had its own charm as there were some interesting questions asked which were aptly answered.