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Customer comes first.

Mr. Mohammed Badri, Group Chairman - Badri Group of Companies.

Eros Group was founded on a cliché: Customer comes First. However, rather than just being a cliché at Eros Group we made it our ethos, the cornerstone of all that we did… and still do.

It is this very cliché, to which many corporates give only lip service, that has helped Eros Group expand to become one of UAE’s leading distributors in consumer electronics, mobility and IT products. Each day 1200 employees, 27 retail showrooms and over 100 logistic vehicles provide a seamless chain of events which realizes in the delivery of a consumer electronic product to a customer’s home. New technologies have arrived and we have embraced them and integrated many of them into our ecosystem to ensure that the end result we always deliver is Customer Delight.

Today as we proudly stand on the threshold of a new direction for Eros Group, I am sure we will continue to honour the cliché and keep the customer at the top of the service pyramid.

Retail Business Group (RBG)

Rahul Misra, Associate Vice President, RBG, Eros Group.
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Electronics Appliances Business Group (EABG)

Rajat Asthana, Associate Vice President, EABG, Eros Group.
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Samsung Business Group - IM

Neeraj K Farwaha, General Manager, SBG - Information Technologies & Mobile communication, Eros Group
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Information Technology Business Group (ITBG)

Safeer Azam, General Manager, ITBG, Eros Group.
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Air-conditioning Business Group (ACBG)

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, ACBG, Eros Group.
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Human Resource and Admin Department.

Seema Hallon, Vice President, HR & Admin
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Finance, Shipping and Legal Division

Ravichandran Pattabhiraman, Vice President - Finance and Shipping
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Information Technology (IT)

Rushikesh Bhatt, DGM - Information Technology, Eros Group
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Lighting & Electricals Business Group

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, LEBG
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