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Looking to the Future.

Mr. Yousuf Badri - Chairman and Managing Director, Eros Group.

A vision and mission statement is very important for an organization. It is the foundation on which organizations build their ethos and set course for the future. This foundation, while strong, also has to be flexible to address the fast evolving business landscape. It doesn’t get any faster than consumer electronics where technology continues to shape our lifestyle and even seeks to define our thought process!

At Eros Group we go with a 20-20 vision in all that we do. Our vision is well aligned with our mission and with a senior management that brings in wide experience within and outside the organization we are set to draw a very promising picture for our future.

This vision will be aligned with the millennial thought of connecting minds and creating the future. This thought is apt as it fits into our slogan of follow the future. We are very optimistic of the future and excited about this very moment in time.

I welcome all stakeholders to be part of the Eros story.

Retail Business Group (RBG)

Rahul Misra, Associate Vice President, RBG, Eros Group.
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Electronics Appliances Business Group (EABG)

Rajat Asthana, Associate Vice President, EABG, Eros Group.
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Samsung Business Group - IM

Neeraj K Farwaha, General Manager, SBG - Information Technologies & Mobile communication, Eros Group
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Information Technology Business Group (ITBG)

Safeer Azam, General Manager, ITBG, Eros Group.
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Air-conditioning Business Group (ACBG)

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, ACBG, Eros Group.
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Human Resource and Admin Department.

Seema Hallon, Vice President, HR & Admin
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Finance, Shipping and Legal Division

Ravichandran Pattabhiraman, Vice President - Finance and Shipping
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Information Technology (IT)

Rushikesh Bhatt, DGM - Information Technology, Eros Group
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Lighting & Electricals Business Group

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, LEBG
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