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The leading business group.

Rajat Asthana, Vice President, EABG, Eros Group

“The Electronics and Appliances Business Group is the leading business group that is fuelling the Eros Group’s business growth by way of adding value and business with existing and new brands, businesses and categories of the electronics and appliances markets in UAE and internationally. It has been successful in forging alliances with global and leading brands to bring world class products in its markets.”

The Electronics and Appliances Business Group or EABG is the flagship business group of Eros Group that represents Eros Group in the Electronics and Appliances segments of the market through its alliance and partnership as exclusive distributors with major global powerhouse brands like Hitachi from Japan, TCL and Midea from China. EABG has a wide presence in the market in all electronic and appliances product categories by way of distribution of the brands it represents in UAE and in GCC, Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

EABG is a leading force in the market in a number of major categories by way of high market share in Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines, Cookers, Chest Freezers and Small Appliances in Hitachi and Midea and for TVs in TCL.

The flagship brand for EABG is Hitachi which has built a 5 decade partnership to be a household name in the region by leveraging the sales, distribution and marketing prowess of Eros Group. In recent times the business expansion for EABG and Eros has been given a major impetus with the acquiring of brands like TCL and Midea which are doing very well in the market and fuelling the growth of EABG and Eros business.

EABG team consists of qualified, experienced and seasoned sales and marketing professionals and is backed by a strong support team of Eros in logistics, service , finance and HR. EABG has a dedicated International Business team that is taking care of International Business in GCC, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.

EABG’s endeavour is to be one of the fastest growing business groups in the market by way of consolidating the business for products and brands that are doing well and track new opportunities for business and tap them effectively by way of new and existing products available in the portfolio and basked of our partner brands. 

EABG prides itself in being partners in the real sense of the word with our principal brands and trade partners by working always on a WIN WIN scenario and making sure that all our partners grow with us in all our business activities.

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