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The Millennial Effect.

Mr. D.J.Babani, Executive Vice Chairman, Eros Group.

The world’s biggest or fastest growing brands today are in the technology sphere and some of them are succeeding without even holding any inventory! The technology of today has not only redefined the way we do business but also the way consumers interact with and react to brands.


It is in such an environment that Eros Group celebrates its 50 years – looking back at the success and milestones achieved but brainstorming on how to achieve new milestones in the future. It is a very exciting time to be at Eros Group.


With 70% of the team now part of what are called the millenials, we are able to tap into the thoughts and attitudes of a generation that is fast shaping the future. I interact with this young generation daily and the process is mentally stimulating and if I might add, invigorating.


It is this generation, recognized as one of the fastest adapters of technology, who will provide a new direction to this organization and lead us into a period of success and growth.

Retail Business Group (RBG)

Rahul Misra, Associate Vice President, RBG, Eros Group.
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Electronics Appliances Business Group (EABG)

Rajat Asthana, Associate Vice President, EABG, Eros Group.
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Samsung Business Group - IM

Neeraj K Farwaha, General Manager, SBG - Information Technologies & Mobile communication, Eros Group
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Information Technology Business Group (ITBG)

Safeer Azam, General Manager, ITBG, Eros Group.
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Air-conditioning Business Group (ACBG)

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, ACBG, Eros Group.
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Human Resource and Admin Department.

Seema Hallon, Vice President, HR & Admin
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Finance, Shipping and Legal Division

Ravichandran Pattabhiraman, Vice President - Finance and Shipping
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Information Technology (IT)

Rushikesh Bhatt, DGM - Information Technology, Eros Group
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Lighting & Electricals Business Group

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, LEBG
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