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Cooling solutions for all seasons.

Prashanth B S, Associate Vice- President, ACBG, Eros Group.
For our customers, we are the right choice as destination to seek Thermal Comfort & Indoor Air Quality that includes Products, Engineering Services & Cooling solutions. It is simply to assure them that we strive to meet their expectations and comply with local & global standards in quality, workmanship, & speed of delivery to completion. Our credibility speaks itself in representing leading brands for more than 4 decades and in those innumerable lists of completed and delivered projects to satisfied customers.  
- Mr. Prashanth BS, General Manager, Eros Group
  • EROS Air-conditioning Business Group (ACBG) is led by a vision & responsibility towards the society & environment to build better air-conditioning facilities with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency & reliability & prompt after sales service.
  • EROS Airconditioning Business Group works on turnkey projects i.e. undertaking complete DITC (Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning) and After Sales Service. Creating tailor made customized solutions for luxury villa projects has been the hall marks our business.
  • We take pride in the fact we listen to our customers, understand their requirements and offer prompt workable and practical solutions to suit their individual needs. All customer complaints are reviewed on daily basis at our AC Service Dept. and proactive steps are taken to minimize repeated complaints.
Eros undertakes all aspects of the air-conditioning business for its clients & deals with major brands including and not limited to:
  • LENNOX – USA, Europe, ME & FE for Ducted Split, Package, VRF & Chiller Products.
  • HITACHI – Malaysia for Decorative Wall Split Units.
  • TCL – China for Decorative Wall Split Units.
  • SMARDT CHILLER GROUP – Australia, Canada, Europe for Air cooled & Water cooled Oil Free Magnetic Centrifugal chillers
  • THERMOBREAK – Australia for Physically Crossed Linked Polyolefin Foam Insulation
  • THERMOTEC – Australia for Acoustic Insulatin
  • PENTAIR (Hoffman, Mclean, Schroff) - USA for Equipment Protection Solutions.
  • RUKS ENGINEERING – Canada for Indoor Air Quality Products & Ozone Treatment Solutions
  1. LENNOX – LENNOX is a leading manufacturer of Climate Control Solutions for the HVAC and R markets having 20 manufacturing plants over the world & a presence on the 5 continents. ACBG sells LENNOX USA origin equipments using environmental friendly Green R-410A Gas which has Ozone depleting potential as zero & meeting or exceeding local and international energy efficiency requirements.
  2. SMARDT CHILLER GROUP - SMARDT CHILLER GROUP manufacturers & distributes in UAE through Eros the widest range of innovative, Energy Efficient & Oil-Free Magnet Levitation Danfoss 2 stage centrifugal compressor fitted chillers that are in the market for more than 10 years with a comprehensive range of water cooled ( 60 tons to 1150 tons), air cooled ( 60 tons to 450 tons) remote air cooled condensing( 60 tons to 750 tons), evaporative pre cooling chillers ( 60 tons to 250 tons) & packaged chilled water plants. The group has more than 4000 chillers installed and operating worldwide including UAE.
  3. THERMOBREAK – Thermobreak offers excellent Thermal Insulation properties and is tested for Fire & Smoke resistance and meets International standards. It is a Green product with no CFC and HCFC presence making it highly eco-friendly. The brand enjoys no. 1 position in the PE Foam based Insulation in the Middle East.
  4. THERMOTEC : Thermotec is one of the leading brands of Acoustics and Pipe lagging insulation with  high STC and absorption coefficients. With its green nature and low VOC emissions it has been preferred in major hospitals of the region. It is the first foam based convoluted foam with barrier product.
  5. PENTAIR(HOFFMAN) : Pentair(Hoffman) has been providing cooling solutions and equipment protection for enclosures for past 4 decades. UL/NEMA are the key ratings on these 2 loop AC units supplied to major industrial, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals of UAE.

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