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11 Jun 2013

Unwanted Electronic Items Become the Luxury of Many Labourers in UAE with ‘PASS IT ON’ Initiative.

One man’s Junk is another man’s luxury – Greenfield Community School students distribute various electronics and gadgets as part of Eros Group’s noble ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 11, 2013:- Even the scorching heat could not take away the spirit of the young students of Greenfield Community School who volunteered for Eros Group’s much acclaimed ‘PASS IT ON’ initiative, to come forward and pass on their unwanted electronics and gadgets to the UAE labourers bringing a smile to many.

Eros Group, leading distributors of world renowned brands along with Take My Junk and Greenfield Community School today distributed reusable electronics and gadgets to the labourers at the labour camp in Dubai Investment Park. The ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign was kick started in Greenfield Community School on 9th May 2013 with a forum for students, parents, visitors and teachers to tackle the e-waste problem in the UAE. Through the forum, the students were encouraged to make a commitment to pass on their unwanted electronic products to the labourers in the UAE who could have better use for them. During the one month long campaign at Greenfield Community School, Eros group organized various sessions for the students and their parents to create awareness on the benefits of electronic ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. 

The awareness campaign which is in its 4th year now, is in conjunction with ‘Take My Junk’ and aims at reducing electronic waste through extending the life cycle of electronic products by giving them away to those less fortunate. ‘PASS IT ON’ drop boxes were placed in Greenfield Community School where students had put their unwanted electronic items. The students collected items ranging from mobile phones, toasters, air purifiers, music systems, CD and DVD players, mixers and blenders which were much appreciated by the labourers.

The team from ‘Take My Junk’ today collected the items from the school and distributed it further to the labourers at a labour camp in Dubai Investment Park with the help of volunteers from Greenfield School students and Eros representatives.

Unwanted Electronic Items Become the Luxury of Many Labourers in UAE with ‘PASS IT ON’ Initiative.

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