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11 Apr 2016

‘PASS IT ON’ CSR campaign

Eros Group kicks off its ‘PASS IT ON’ CSR campaign
at The Winchester School

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11 April 2016:-  Eros Group, UAE’s trusted distributor for consumer electronics with a portfolio of world renowned brands Samsung, Hitachi, Linksys, TCL and many more, has kicked off its much-appreciated and lauded ‘PASS IT ON’ initiative at The Winchester School, after introducing it successfully across schools since 2010. In the past, this innovative campaign has been run in schools such as the Dubai British School, Greenfield Community School and Gems World School.

The awareness campaign is in conjunction with ‘Take My Junk’ and aims at reducing electronic waste through extending the life cycle of electronic products by giving them away to those less fortunate.

Speaking about the CSR initiative, Mr. Niranjan Gidwani, Deputy CEO, Eros Group said, “We are very excited to see how the ‘PASS IT ON’ initiative has been setting an example among young students in the UAE. We started this campaign in 2010, and it has gone from strength to strength, helping us help people who need it. With new technology being introduced every day, there is an increase in the amount of ‘technology redundancy’ which while outdated can still be used. Through ‘PASS IT ON’ initiative we not only raise awareness on the impact of e-waste on the environment but also encourage students, parents and staff to give their unwanted items a new home and a smile to someone.”

The ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign was introduced in The Winchester School through a forum for students, parents, visitors and teachers to address the issues with e-waste in the UAE. Using the forum as a platform, the audience was persuaded to make a commitment to give away or pass on unused and unwanted electronic items. During the one-month long campaign at The Winchester School, the Eros group will organise various sessions for the students and their parents to create awareness on the benefits of electronic ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

Thanking the school’s management for participating in the campaign, Mr. Gidwani further added, “The idea behind this initiative was: ‘One man’s junk is another man’s luxury’. Putting this philosophy into play, we decided to launch ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign across the UAE. This way we also ensure that more unwanted or waste electronic items are either reused or recycled and not just dumped in a landfill and affecting the environment.”

Ranju Anand, Principal and CEO of The Winchester School, said that being a part of this campaign is a great learning experience for students.  “‘PASS IT ON’ gives students the chance to pay it forward and help out people in need. It will instill a sense of responsibility among young people and give them a chance to contribute to the local community. This will also benefit their development as responsible global citizens.”

‘PASS IT ON’ drop boxes have been placed in The Winchester School where students can put their unwanted electronic items. The team from ‘Take My Junk’ will collect the items from the school once the box is full and distribute it further to various labor camps located in UAE with the help of volunteers from DBS’s teachers and students.

“Take My Junk is happy to be a part of the ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign since its launch. We are committed to providing benefits to disadvantaged members of our society and we’d like to express our gratitude to Eros Group and the management, teachers and students of The Winchester School for their consistent support, sincere efforts and enthusiasm for the campaign,” said Mr. Faisal Khan, Founder, Take My Junk, UAE and 800junk.

Eros Group has plans to further extend the campaign to other communities within the UAE.

‘PASS IT ON’ CSR campaign

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