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19 Feb 2017


Hitachi Air Purifiers are approved by the British Allergy Foundation and are the ideal way to beat allergens indoors.

Most people believe that asthma attacks are only triggered by outdoor factors such as pollution, dust, pollen etc. But it is important to know that many asthma inducing dangers are present indoors as well. Cigarette smoke (aldehydes), acids from cooking smells, stored fish and meat and even pets giving out ammonia based odors are present dangers at home.

As a responsible company that cares, Hitachi has taken the lead in ensuring absolutely pure air for you and your family indoors. The Made in Japan range filters upto 99.95% of particles and is approved by The British Allergy Foundation.

The Proactive Filtration Process

Hitachi Air Purifiers’ Proactive Filtration Process offers multiple layers of protection to breathe healthy and live healthy indoors. Equipped with top-of-the-line Alergen-Free HEPA Filters, as recommended by allergy and asthma doctors, Hitachi Air Purifiers are capable of filtering up to 99.97% of particles including dust, bacteria, molds and spores. Hitachi combines this top-quality HEPA filter technology with Advanced Deodorizing Filter. This heavy duty filter uses a catalytic activated carbon (similar to that in sewage filtration plants) to enhance filtration and catch minute odor particles. Together, they form a powerful filtering system capable of trapping even nano-sized odor particles including aldehydes (cigarette smoke), acids (cooking smells, stored fish and meat) and ammonia-based odors (from pets).

The air purifiers also feature a Humidifying option that provides the skin with the ideal moisture content. When humidification is not required, one can deactivate this function.

Hitachi Air Purifiers provide a wide range of sizes that can meet the requirements of any home. With floor coverage area ranging from 250 sq ft (25 sq mts) to 790 sq ft (79 sq mts) the air purifiers can be placed in living rooms and bedrooms and even the kitchen.

Hitachi Air Purifiers. The best way to breathe healthy and live healthy for you and your family.


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