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24 Jan 2018

The World Wide Web Might Be Redundant

The digital medium has been growing year on year for quite some time, but I feel that it is only in 2017 that we can say that it became more commonplace in the UAE.

Multinational brands to local brands, fast food chains to your local restaurant and even your maid service and laundry service jumped on the digital bandwagon, not only to market their services but also reach consumers through the development and promotion of apps. For a consumer to reach out or access any service digitally is now truly possible.

App development and its marketing was really the strongest trend last year. Everything is now being pushed on an app. Some entrepreneurs are going ‘siteless’ and are only pushing apps.

It is very indicative of where the future of marketing and communication is headed. The World Wide Web as we know it might be redundant in the near future.

Influencer and blogger marketing are where I was hoping the brands would move and this has largely been the case.

Press which was one of the earliest embracers of the digital space with websites, has not evolved fast enough creating a vacuum which sites/apps such as Lovin’Dubai and Insydo have filled for local news and events in a much more contemporary style.

Press will face one of its toughest years in the UAE as the digital medium becomes all-encompassing, going beyond just social media marketing.

The proliferation of e-commerce sites for not just shopping but also services will fuel this growth. The introduction of VAT will also eat into marketing budgets, resulting on an overview of channels and spends.

The World Wide Web Might Be Redundant

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