Hitachi Air Purifier


Indoor Air Quality, like outdoor is full of harmful components and is a growing concern for parents as children are more prone to asthma and respiratory illnesses. The improvement of indoor air quality starts by minimizing pollutant sources with the help of an Air Purifier. Hitachi Presents its latest Made in Japan Air Purifier (EPNZG70J240CH) with stainless clean technology. The Eco-friendly Air Purifier contains Allergen- Free HEPA filtration up to 99.97% and is certified by British Allergen Foundation. The new model provides exceptional deodorization and humidifier that captures and reduces a wide range of odour components. Its futuristic design, glass touch panel and colour add charm to a perfectly fitting interior of a modern house. A great healthy investment to breath in some fresh air.

 • Applicable Floor Space: 53m²

• Stainless Clean Outlet Net

• Allergen Free HEPA Filter (H13) + Deodorizing Filter

• ECO Mode • PM 2.5 Sensor • Touch Panel

• 4 Hours Timer• Made In Japan