Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


It’s Cordless!

From televisions to mobile phone charging, most devices are moving to cutting the cord. Cordless provides more efficiency, flexibility and gives the product that added technological edge.

Auto Drive Power Head

The auto drive power head is literally the shining star of this vacuum with its LED lights that shine up in those ‘dark alleys’ at home. The 25 cm wide head sweeps up more dust efficiently while Hitachi’s original long roller helps vaccum dust even when moving backwards.

Compact High Power Motor

Hitachi’s motors have always been the pride of the organisation. In the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner the brand has taken its technology a step forward providing the appliance with a compact, lightweight and high efficiency fan motor that generates high power.

Power Boost Cyclone

The power boost cyclone creates a centrifugal force that helps separate dust and air. This makes the dust more compressed and allows easy disposal of the dust with the touch of a button. The dust case is also detachable and can even be washed with water.

Variable Emission Flow Shutter

Most vacuum cleaners have unpleasant exhaust air blown towards you, but not with the Hitachi cordless vacuum with variable emission flow shutter. This feature enables you to moving the flaps and thereby changes the direction of the unpleasant exhaust air flow.

Multiple Tools for Various Cleaning

There are 21 different ways to clean with a special selection of tools that allow you to access and illuminate those ‘hard to reach’ zones.

Lithium Battery

The Lithium battery comes with a standard running time of 40 minutes. Think you need more juice? The Battery is detachable and you could always keep an additional one handy.