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“Eros Group’s Latest venture in Laptops with Japanese Brand VAIO”

Eros Group partnership with Vaio early this year as a distributor. VAIO Corporation which standing for (Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer) is a Japanese manufacturer headquartered in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture that makes personal computers and smartphones. VAIO was originally a brand of Sony, introduced in 1996.


With management, development and manufacturing operations in Japan (the birthplace of Sony VAIO models), VAIO Corporation embraces the past while innovating for the future. Building upon VAIO’s rich history and “VAIO DNA”, VAIO Corporation continues the storied tradition of building superior products which emphasize craftsmanship with beautiful styling. A deep understanding of its customer base has proven key VAIO Corporation’s success. This approach is why VAIO Corporation is a leader in bringing technological innovation and design to its users everywhere. 

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