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Lighting & Electrical Business Group

"A Business Group that provides solution to modern lighting concepts"

The objective of Eros Lighting & Electrical BG is to rise beyond traditional lighting concepts and conventional boundaries to bring forth a collection that combines innovation and sophistication, that makes our customers feel the light, feel the warmth and feel the possibilities.


From Red Dot Design to Good Design, the collection in Eros LEBG have won world renowned awards for groundbreaking design excellence. Partnering with some of the leading brands in the world like Lyte Master, Midea, RZB, Global Light & Power, Roma Luce, Novolux, and etc, Eros LEBG offers lighting solutions for Residences & Villas, Hotels, Modern offices, Supermarkets, Fashion, Art Galleries, Showrooms, Malls, Schools, Warehouses, Parking areas, Industries, Landscapes, Facades, Street lighting, and Yards. Our collections are a peek into the future of lighting, allowing consumers to indulge their emotions and play with light. The products are displayed in “Light zones” which will enable patrons to see, touch and feel the diverse range of world-class designer lighting concepts. Our aim to deliver a unique experience, not only fulfilling consumers’ desires but also stimulating their imagination. With a range of products in our portfolio including TVs, Mobile handsets, Tablets, ACs, Audio streaming systems and now Lighting, EROS brand constantly strives to delight every consumer. Eros Lighting & Electrical BG, part of a great organization, a fantastic team of people and an excellent blend of professional management and entrepreneurial zeal, hopes to carry this outstanding entrepreneurial success story forward.

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